Movies are one of the best ways to entertain yourself during weekends or in boring times. There are many ways to watch movies and everyone has their own perspective to watch movies either online or offline or in theater. In this modern era usually we do watch movies on our PC or laptop and on mobile too. We used to download movies and then watching movies but it’s a time-consuming process so now online movie streaming is the best option to watch movies. There are lots of free movie streaming sites are available to watch free movies online free without downloading or signup on your PC Laptop, Android mobile iPhone, iPods and iPads very easily.

Though some people still prefers to download movies and then watch on mobile or computer and its good if we keep the movie in storage device or HDD or want to share with our friends or if we wish to watch one movie multiple times then download is the best option and it takes times but in online movie streaming you’ve to visit any free movie streaming sites and then choose the movie that you wish to watch and play and you are able to watch that movie instantly and to watch movies online you must have good internet connection. So if you’ve decided to watch movies online and didn’t find good free movie websites then don’t worry here we are giving you a list of Top best free movie streaming sites to watch movies online without registration or signup.

Best sites to watch movies online


The first one on the list is You Tube. As you all know it is the biggest social media platform.  It consists of a huge sum of videos. But it is not the only place to watch funny videos and movie trailers. In You tube we can watch every movies with free of cost and also there is a feature that you could buy movies using money or even rent it for a few days and there is even an option for genre where you could choose the movie type you want.


It is a simple and user friendly movie streaming website. the best thing about 123 movies is that there will be no lag in between the movies as they have a good movie streaming player and the most amazing feature about this site is that it does not use ads so that we could watch movies continuously without any disturbance of the ads and we can choose from different genres such as Horror, Comedy, Family, Classic….    and there is no need of logging in or signing up.


Vumoo has a huge database of movies and they update their collection of movies regularly so their users could enjoy the latest content. All movies are separated into different categories such as 3D, Comedy, Fantasy, SCIFI which makes it easier to browse through the site. This site also provides TV shows and it is compatible with Mobile devices.  And there is no need for registration.


Viewster packs a pretty good amount of movies and TV shows that you can stream movies online for free. There’s a quite number of ads which may interfere during the movies while streaming. It is a mix of movies that you have or have not heard of. And you can watch movies or TV shows without ads by paying which gives you good quality video and smooth streaming online.


lookmovies is online movie streaming website in which you could watch 100 of movies totally for free without any cost. It is also mobile compatible. There are many foreign movies and they updates the recent movies released. I have personally watched movies which were uploaded by them just after a release of a movie within a month.


Hotstar is the most popular live streaming website in India. It also streams good quality movies for free and for price. Hotstar brings live streaming of TV shows. There is a wide variety of movies on hotstar you could watch you can download their app on your mobile device and stream movies online for free. And also you can watch movies on their website for free there is no cost or registration etc.


It is the most popular meta search engine to stream movies online for free. it has 99% of the movies in the world.  All the latest movies are available and is able to watch online without downloading.  it packs a huge collection of TV series and it consists all the major languages. And we can select the quality of the video on our likes .  it provides a wide range of movies


Crackle is a subsidiary of Sony Entertainment which provides a large variety of movies.  it is the best place to watch a movie because it is partnered with Sony Pictures. They have superior video quality for their movies and movies from A-Z are present. The only thing that I hate is the ads that play between the movies it doesn’t matter as it only runs for only a few seconds.


Dailymotion is video sharing platform. if you are looking for the latest movies this is the best option for you as it packs the the latest release of movies.  It provides best quality movies and smooth online streaming. It houses a large amount of movies of different languages and of different genres


Popcornflix has great amount of new movies as they add new  movies constantly. They also feature web and film school originals. they have wide variety of movies to pick from such as Drama, Comedy, Romance…  there is no procedures such as taking accounts or logging in its just hit and play it’s that simple.


It’s the best site to watch online movies for free. it is very popular in North America and the movies from every year is found. But there is a lack of foreign movies.  Just like Popcornflix there is no need to sign up to watch movies it’s totally free


Primewire is one of the top online movies streaming websites. This is the godfather of all sites as you could watch movies, watch TV shows listen to music and more. There is a wide variety of movies such as foreign movies, movies of different genres….  it updates every minute and new movies are added. It is totally free to watch movies on this site but you should create an account first that’s all is needed there is no payments or anything it’s totally free of cost.


Yidio is a free online movie streaming website. It lets the users to search movies or TV shows across different platforms such as Netflix, Hulu and Amazon prime and it brings hundreds other platforms to one place.  In Yidio there is no need of signing up or logging in you just needs to hit play. It has big TV series such as Game of Thrones, House of Cards and more. It is free of cost which means it is totally free.

Tubi TV

Tubi TV is a website which houses thousands of free movies and TV shows. But some of them can only be rented. But most of them are totally free to stream. Tubi Tv consists of many movies of different categories such as Comedy, Horror, Drama, Family..


BMovies allows you to watch free HD movies online for free without any cost, without signing up. This site packs the latest of the latest movies that are days after they are released with standard quality. And it also packs a wide variety of movies on the basis of their genre and other categories such as language etc. We can stream online without any lag except the showing of ads. And they update their platform day by day to give their users more.

Pluto TV

Pluto TV is platform which live streams different movies. There a variety live streaming movies in this platform various movies are live streamed on the basis of their genre and other categories. We should register an account in order to get free live online streaming but there is no cost involved.


Kanopy is a totally free online movie live streaming site. Which houses a large amount of Movies from all the time the only thing that you need to do to get free live streaming is to just register an account. Videos with high quality are available in this platform. All the  latest movies are also available in standard quality.


Streamdor is the web’s largest catalog of free online movies. In this platform we can stream movies online for free without any cost, without any registration, without logging in. this is the best site for movie lovers. you can watch movies without any lag except a slight amount of ads which comes in between the streaming of the movie except that.  Streamdor is a good online movie streaming platform.

Snag Films

Snagfilms is an online streaming website that offers over 5000 films. In this platform film makers can submit their movies also. They offer movies on the basis of genres like Comedy, Family, SCIFI, Horror etc. The streaming of movies online is totally free of cost as there is no need of registering or logging in.  They have a huge variety of movies.

Google Play Movies

Google Play Movies is one of the most trusted and used movie streaming platforms. It consists of huge variety of movies which can be both rented or can be streamed online for free. The movies are categorized on the basis of language, time,genre.  This platform is the most used movie streaming platforms. The movies from this can be either downloaded or streamed online.


Vudu is a multimedia platform which offers free online movie streaming. Vudu has a huge amount of movies which you can stream online in blue-ray and other high qualities. There are ads which appear in between movies. They offer the latest movies in a short period of time after they release they are completely free. You only need to open up an account and nothing further. It has attractive and intuitive design and informative cast filmographies. But there are some movies that can’t be rented but huge amount of movie is still available to stream free online.


Metacafe is one of the world’s largest movie sites which offer free online movie streaming. It also provides free streaming of TV shows online without any cost, registration or logging in. It provides a large variety of Movies based on different languages and different genres etc.

Go Movies

GO Movies provides HD quality movies free and to download. GO movies lets us to stream movies online without any cost except registering an account. There is no money involved. You can enjoy the content for free without any cost. It has a large variety of movies. It also has the latest movies at high qualities which can be downloaded or Streamed online. There are wide variety of foreign languages.


Vidmate is one of the most popular online movie streaming sites. It has a large number of movies on the basis of the languages, dates, and genres like Comedy, Horror, Family, Classic. There is no need of registering or logging in in order to get live streaming it is totally free.


Movies are the best ways to enjoy your weekend and sharing time with your friends and family. Watching movies on a TV is like watching dated movies and no pause & play feature in it. Yes, there are movies on demand can be watched paying a certain amount for it. On the other hand, watching movies in theaters consumes your time and money both. While watching movies on your Smartphone and PC, you need to download the movies at the very first. However, watching movies from online streaming sites don’t need to download. Therefore, no need to worry about device storage, just connect to a reliable internet connection and  you are good to go with above shared best free movie streaming sites 2018 list.

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